My journey led me to specialize in innovative business coaching, honing skills in transformational coaching, accountability and referral coaching, emotional intelligence, and personality trait coaching.

Business Coaching


Welcome to The Coaching Science where our team is ready to ignite your limitless potential.

I am humbled to have shared my expertise with more than 150 entrepreneurs across 38 countries, empowering small and medium businesses to achieve remarkable growth.


Simina,  THANK you so much for the really interesting training yesterday! I got do much energy out of it! I wish I had more people like you in my life!

I hope our team has the best tools now to kick some (sales) ass in the market!

Again, many thanks for coming over and for thi powerful training!

E. L


“Simina has been a sales professional for more than 15 years and her tips always lead to increased turnover.”

F. L.


“Simina is an experienced business owner herself and thus gives advice based on well implemented techniques.”

A. M.


“Good at communicating with clients from various walks of life and professions, as if she looks right into your soul and knows what direction to guide you to.”

R. O.


“Very organized and methodical without making working together seem WORK.”

M. M.


“Simina works perfectly independently and successfully accomplishes projects at a fast pace.”

S. K.


“A person adaptable to any change, who can improvise, solve and impress on the spot.”

M. G.


“Simina is comfortable with working on a new set of challenges regardless of completely different industries and sectors – everything comes natural to her.”

L. B.


“Simina has what it takes, especially the required confidence, drive and enthusiasm.”

E. B.


“Through my 1:1 coaching with Simina, she became an absolute mentor for me along the way and I’m always asking her opinion on every of my next business development step.”

L. D.